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Nov. 8th, 2008

Outback Vampires (1987)

On VHS it's The Wicked.
Some Australian rodeo kids are on their way to the next rodeo when their car breaks down. The closest town is unable to help them however, the richest family in town might be able to help... too bad they are VAMPIRES! 
This slow start then enters a hokey meet the sexually and blood lusting family sequence. The stand out performance is from the vampire daughter who is able to make new wave rock and roll bands magically appear!  On the first watching I didn't really appreciate anything but that, but the 2nd time around I enjoyed the the other quirks. 


Oct. 26th, 2008

The Psychopath (1975)

All right kiddies, are you ready for unexpected amazing characters? Occasional artistic shots? A puppet show host killing abusive parents leaving the cops to ponder if they should take him in after one more kill?
From the tragic stories of the kids to the tough guy image of the hog tied police I enjoyed myself in a very Christmas Evil sort of way! (That's my favorite christmas killing movie so far, unless you count gremlins)

Oct. 23rd, 2008


SHE isn't very good, yet it is very great! It starts off as the most boring movie in Xena clothing... Then, it gets good! I like Post-apoctalyptic nazis, greecian god like doo-wop werewolves, telekenisis powered russians, gruff guys in gas masks and tutus...
...pretty much

Rock-Afire Explosion

It isn't the tour de force that was King of Kong, however, I did enjoy myself!!!
Animatronics are insanely mesmerizing for me And the people involved are such a slice of special and make the world better with their existance.
If the story telling had been more linear I think it would be fantastic.

Oct. 20th, 2008

AFF Shorts 13

The Sleuth Incident A bear on a journey.  Too long... should be cut down to 2 minutes

Hymenoplasty(USA, 1 Min)  Wait for it… wait for it… ..short and rude, perfect for Spike and Mike

The Forecast(USA, 6 Min) He’ll let you know what the weather is like. ..dont remember enough

Asian Cowboy

Supply and Demand

The Night the Cookie Crumbled(USA, 5 Min)   Who ate his cookies? ..ok


I Live In The Woods


(USA, 16 Min)A Texas family living in a trailer has to deal with a little problem: an interdimensional demon. ..didn't play (France, 18 Min)  A young man finds purpose in his life as an autopsy assistant, until the day the bodies run out… ..a cute vignette (USA, 8 Min   In the beautiful yet dark world of the Sisters Kane, where only  dolls exist, Callalilly longs to play the piano perfectly. ..if you like that sort of stuff (USA, 4 Min)  I. Live. In. The. WOOOOOOOODS! ..BEST OF THE BUNCH!!! Stop motion hillbilly likes to kill stuff 'til he meets his match and his Maker, and takes him down! (USA, 22 Min) Not all is right in the Kirksdale mental asylum… ..fot those people who like cut off body parts

Oct. 14th, 2008

Christmas on Mars

Sorry Flaming Lips
I couldn't take it...
I was in no mood for it. I wanted goofy and colorful...
It's the 2nd EVER movie I've ever walked out of after paying.
I then tried to make it to beverly hills chihuahua at 8, but the internet had the time wrong.
I went to sleep.
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Oct. 6th, 2008

Gachi Boy

I went n expecting Japanese sugar pop take on mexican wrestling, I came out with that AND a totally sweet heart and long term memory loss. Or is it short? I dunno, but I cried from its sweetness!

Oct. 4th, 2008

Fare thee well live journal


you can find my movie reviews on Flixter these days
Im trying to simplify...
Ill still come here for those vid so rare The world doesn't know they exist!

Sep. 18th, 2008

Fantastic Fest Animation Shorts

  • No sooner I talk than I have something to put here...
  • Game Over | PES 2006 -a long time favorite of mine. Pes are always winners!
  • Karaoke Show | Karl Tebbe 2007 -mildly awkward for me (cause of the nudity) I love the Jan Švankmajer-esque sounds and sqeaks... The guy on the couch is fun!
  • Berni's Doll | Yann Jouette 2008 -awkward  again... yuck sex with appendege less lady... great finale!
  • The Watermelon Chickens | Won Jong-Shik 2007 -This is my favorite... look, watermelons! We must eat them all!
  • The Squirrel Next Door | Carla Coma 2007 -one guy laughed heartily for this one.
  • Violeta | Anna Solana, Marc Riva 2007 -even though I felt the look of this was a little too Burton-esqe, the grossness and the twists kind of endeared it to me.  
  • City Wasp | Tod Steven, Stephan Wicki 2007 -Jan Švankmajer-esque once again (there seemed to be a huge come back for this style of stop animation and sound). Decent.
  • The Facts in the Case of Mr. Hollow | Rodrigo Gudino 2008 -it starts of so slow and somber that I started to sigh... then it got better and better and better! I ended up really loving this...
  • Fantaisie in Bubblewrap | Arthur Metcalf 2007- funny and cute, but too long... the gag wears thin after a while
  • Film Noir | Osbert Parker 2006- slept through it
  • Blood Will Tell | Andrew McPhillips 2007- I DONT GET IT!!!!
  • Fish | Naoko Masuda, Max Margulies 2007- fun
  • Dog | Hermann Karlsson 2006- slept through it
  • A Coffee Vending Machine and His Sword | Chang Hyung Yun 2007-very long... ok
  • Muto | Blu 2008- Outstanding street art!!!!!!

Sep. 12th, 2008

Mad Max (1979)

I can always look at Hugh Keays-Byrne, who is always perfectly frazzly!
The baby always gets me with how alone or crawling in strange places it is.
I like all the crashing!

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